Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wigham and Mackay to Face Hearing

Michael Wigham and Jamie Mackay will face a British Horseracing Authority disciplinary panel on Monday after their original hearing regarding the running and riding of Granakey at Kempton on January 2 was postponed last month.
The duo will present their case at 10am, with Wigham potentially facing a record fine if found in breach of the non-trier rules twice within 12 months.
The BHA panel will also consider if Wigham and Mackay breached the rules in Granakey's previous race.
Wigham was fined £5,000 last June over the running and riding of Silver Hotspur at Newmarket, a penalty that was increased to £7,500 on appeal.
For a trainer's second offence, the penalty ranges from £15,000 to £30,000 and the panel could also restrict entries and prevent horses running from the yard for between 14 and 42 days.
The largest fine imposed on a trainer was £17,500 against David Elsworth in 1988, when Cavvies Clown tested positive for a prohibited substance.
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