Sunday, February 17, 2008

Jeff and Glynn fly South African flag high

The Jeff "The Guv" Lloyd and Glynn Schofield are doing us proud down under and are currently lying 4th and 11th respectivly in the NSW jockey log,when one considers the short time that they have been in Australia this is truely remarkable,added to this Jeff's strike rate is over 16%(15 wins from 91 rides) whilst Glynn is on just over 10% (8 wins fom 76 rides) The South African glory days which were initiated by Barty Leisher in Hong Kong and "Muis" Roberts in the UK continue with Jeff Lloyd and Glynn Schoefield in Australia,Rob Fradd and Barend Voster in Singapore,Doug White,Felix Coetzee and Anthony Delpech in Hong Kong,Kevin Shea Mike De Kock and Herman Brown in Dubai keeping up the the trend................. Wherever they go in the world our racing ambasadors fly the flag high. Proudly,
The Big G.

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