Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Who would be a Teletrack presenter????

Off the top of my head I can think of a few career choices that can only be described as bourne from a labour love decision and they are:
1.An ambulance driver and/or medic working the Hillbrow beat on new years eve.
2.A Cash in transit driver at the end of any given month.
3.An on course or studio based Teletrack Presenter at any given time.

How can can I put option 3 in the same catorgory as 1&2 ??? I hear you ask, quite simple, let me explain.
Take into account that locally we race 7 days a week and have a minimum of 7 races a meeting on the odd occasion, more often 8 but mostly 9 and these poor guys are expected to disect all the form, question the relative connections and then advise viewers on how they see the race panning out, but Heaven forbid that they should suggest that it looks like a 2 horse race with the favourite and second favourite looking set to fight it out!!!
"These F##@#$S are getting paid to tell us that the 2 Favourites are going to run 1st and 2nd" I heard one irate punter exclaim at my local tattersalls, what a load of C*%#P ..........(the favs ran 1/2 and I doubled up in the PA)
In the very next race Shane Shaw finds a horse at decent odds, breaks down the form and explains exactly why he feels it must have a chance, the self same Mighty Mouth who is now back watching the tote TV that he was abusing the race before, hears this and shuffles off to take swingers with the horse hoping no one else heard what Shane had to say so as not to deplete his payout.
The horse in question which was paying R18.60 a win and R4.80 a place shot out the pens and was clear half way up the straight to the thunderous vocal support and finger cracking Mighty Mouth however after showing all the pace in the world it was snared on the line for third by an official "no hoper" which returned R11 plus for a place, once again Shane and his last 5 generations where the subject of MM's verbal abuse and the entire Tote had to hear how he had switched from the "dog" that ran 3rd to the horse that the ##@%%#% Teletrack presenter had "made" him back, IF EVER I GET MY HANDS ON HIM etc etc etc!!!!!
The simple truth of the matter is that Teletrack presenters are on a hiding to nothing, taking into account that there are over 80 local races each week for 52 weeks a year and for anyone to be expected to be consistanly accurate day in and day out, let alone week in and week out is ludicrous to say the least, surely ability like that would have them retired in the Bahamas some where with a direct line to their telebet account or some hapless bookie???
The moral of the story is simple.... Stop the pocket chatter and start being realistic, all you need to do is go back to the pre Teletrack days where "priviledged information" was exactly that,information for the priviledged few and when the man in the street was left in the dark and that was without the help of Eishkom, and then thank your lucky stars that we have this surperb service.

Back in my local the Southwell 3rd was about to start and the windows had quitened down a lot so I sauntered over and collected my USO PA (which payed me just under R500 for a R108.00 outlay) and made my exit away from all the mayhem.
As I was leaving I heard this Sgt.Major like command "SHUT THE F$*%#* UP,I CAN'T HEAR WHAT THIS OKE ON THE TV IS SAYING"
I never bothered to even look around, I knew exactly where it was eminating from.
The Big G

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Anonymous said...

I agree with your comments, most punters curse the role players in the game...sad state of affairs!