Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Superman vs Ace Ventura and Jody Schecter in a Porsche

Theres a race where Super Man is riding the favourite Ace Ventura makes the pace and we see a great ride from a jockey who was christened Minnie yet rides like a Porche but when they get into the final furlong Barend just goes Voster and Voster and Voster and draws away from Jody Schecter like he's looking for parking, in fact if you wanna catch Barend you'll have to call the police so if you have backed number 2 go get in the queue..........
Listening to that comentry you would be forgiven for thinking that fantasy racing has eventually become a reality in South Africa however the reason behind this race is quite simple the effervescent Smiley (no pun intended) Moosa is back behind the Mic and calling races again.
This larger than life character (who is the race callers answer to "Andrew Fortune" manages to make you smile even if the horse he calls home is not the one carrying your hard earned South African currency) is at long last back calling,he was at Borrowdale over the weekend and was as entertaining as ever,good to see you back and welcome home Smiley I for one hope that this is the start of another Smiling era.
The Big G

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