Thursday, February 21, 2008

Strange but true

Multi-millionaire dog receives death threats!!

A dog left £6million by her late owner has been moved to a safe house after receiving death threats.
The aptly named "Trouble", a small white Maltese, inherited her fortune from property and hotel billionaire Leona Helmsley.
The dog came out significantly better in its owner's will than members of the Helmsley family - two of her grandchildren received nothing.
But the so-called Queen of Mean's multi-million dollar trust fund for Trouble may have backfired.
The New York Post reports that Trouble's new guardians have received around two dozen death threats directed at the bitch.
Two months ago, the dog, travelling under an assumed name, was flown in a private plane from her Connecticut home to another Helmsley estate in the Sarasota area of Florida.
John Codey, in charge of Trouble's trust fund, estimated it would cost more than £150,000 a year to look after the dog, including the cost of a rotating security team, medical care and grooming.
He told CBS television: "We received any number of threats to kidnap the dog, so that was a major problem for us after Leona passed away.
"We've had problems keeping her identity confidential and we had to change her name even to take her on the aircraft. We called her Bauble instead of Trouble."
The dog used to live in a luxury 46th-floor flat on top of Helmsley Park Lane Hotel, in New York, eating food prepared by the hotel chefs. The mind boggles!!!!!
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