Friday, February 22, 2008

Marco Latorre

Marco's ride on Des Egdes 5 yold mare GODDESS OF HEARTS left no doubt that he must rate as one of the best light weight Jockeys riding in SA at this time - the man has great hands, is very well balanced, rides 52kg comfortably and is an expert judge of pace. What more could one want from a rider?
Although he continues to get very limited chances, he still boots home the rides he does get, which are usually formless. Unbelieveably the only rides that he has had in the last 8 months that have had half-decent form were Apple A Day which duly won...and, of course, Look Alike which shortened from 8s into 6s, and once again, scored comfortably.
Marco has won three on Look Alike, and scored a double with Rose Bay at 10s the day Look Alike broke his Maiden.
Hopefully he will start to get some realistic chances to show his worth before he gives up the ghost and is lost to our shores for good.
Anyone who plays exotics would be well advised to add him in when looking for a good payout in the knowledge that the horse will be given every opportunity from the saddle... a point to ponder.

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