Sunday, February 17, 2008

Formgrids speaks to jockey Andrew Fortune

Shortly before Jockey Andrew Fortune was set to make his long awaited return to racing he spoke openly to Formgrids about his aims and wishes for his racing future:
FG:How is your weight and is there a restriction to what weight you can ride at?
AF: I am restricted to 57kg and currently my weight is 58 but will be down to the required weight by my return
FG:Are you to going to be retained by any specific trainer or are you going to freelance?
AF:I will concentrate on the Ramsden yard,Joey has been very supportive of me and hopefully I can repay him for his support.
FG:Will you travel or are you going to concentrate on one center?
AF:I will travel as soon as I get my weight satifactorily under control.
FG: What are your long term plans?
AF:I'm going to take it one race and one day at a time.
FG:With sponsorship now a big part of racing and you being a very marketable "commodity" is there anything on the table in this regard?
AF:I have signed up with Property Skilzz.
FG:Do you have an agent or are you going to do your own rides?
AF:My sister Tina will be looking after my rides.
FG:Your son is riding with great success at the moment when can we expect the long awaited match race?
AF:I'm not sure that it will be a match race but he is doing very well,I am very proud of him. FG:You have many fans that are completely behind you as well as many people that say you wont last,what is your message to both parties?
AF:I feel very fortunate to still have a fan base given my track record and hopefully i can do them proud,the protagonists have good grounds to doubt me but with time I am sure that I will win them over.
Welcome back "Manna" our racing will be richer and certainly have a bigger entertainment value with your return.
The Big G.
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